About Step’N Components

Our Vision

Step’n Components vision is to become the premier supplier of engineered electrical interconnect components for all of the system-level OEM customers in the aerospace and defense industry. This vision drives our company to seek out projects that allow us to solve difficult problems for our customers, and deliver efficient and cost effective solutions.

Our products can be found on many of the world’s commercial and military aircraft, light and heavy duty helicopters, naval surface ships, industrial and aerospace engines and military ground support test equipment — just to name a few examples.

Step’n Components has the ability to develop new interconnect systems from initial concept through finished product, and to create niche components to solve any interconnect problem. We produce a wide variety of interconnect systems, and many of those systems are developed by our team using advanced 3D design tools.

Our Core Competency

At Step’n Components, our core competency is manufacturing of innovative, high performance electrical interconnect components. We excel at taking metal applications and converting to composites reducing weight.

Step’n Components products are engineered to withstand demanding physical and environmental requirements. Our products offer exceptional performance in applications requiring mechanical endurance.

Our products consistently achieve the goals of minimum weight, maximum durability and best value for our customers.

Our Commitment

Step’n Components is committed to fully support our customers, working in partnership with them throughout the product life cycle. Working in this way with our customers has enabled Step’n Components to foster an environment of innovation in development, and achieve continuous improvement in our product’s quality, on-time delivery, and reliability.

Our customers operate in a very competitive environment, and Step’n Components stands ready to support their needs with a network of technical personnel and affiliated representatives stationed around the globe.

When you are looking for a solution provider that can fully integrate with your design and production teams, develop innovative product solutions, and meet the demanding requirements of today’s aerospace and defense vehicles, Step’n Components should be your interconnect component systems supplier of choice. Our commitment is to fully support our customers in their ongoing quest for excellence.

Robert Stephen
President and CEO