How to Order

All of Step’n Components products are manufactured in-house in the USA (Huntington Beach, CA), and as a stocking manufacturer we can ship most orders the same day we receive them.  Step’n Components prides itself on having the best quality and the lowest prices.

STC Approved Product Lines

•   MS27488          Sealing Plugs

•   M81969/14      Installation and Removal Tool

•   M81969/1        Installation and Removal Tool (Metal Tip)

•   MS21266         Cat Grommets (Nylon and Teflon)

•   BACG20Z         Cat Grommets (Nylon, Teflon and Cut)

•   BACG20AD      Cat Grommets (Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6)

•   NAS1368N       Flip Grommets

•   BACI12AK        Honeycomb Inserts

To place an order, just give us a call or email: